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Empowerimg single parents and their children through supportive relationships while helping them meet critical family needs

Who We Are

A Support System of Friends and Resources

Far too many hardworking single parents in our community feel stressed, isolated, anxious and over-worked - all of this without an adequate support network to raise a family, despite their best efforts. In 1998, Rev. Jeff and Pam Baugham created Samaritan Outreach to encourage, empower and support single parent families in their quest to address and overcome some major challenges. 


Samaritan Outreach is a faith-based, Christian ministry of Christ the King Church in Dayton, Ohio.

Our mission of empowerment was inspired by courageous, faithful, and hardworking role models for single parents that can be found in the bible (i.e., I Kings 17:9-16; 2 Kings 4:1-7;

Matt. 4:1-7)



Making A Difference

Great Kids of Dayton Scholarship

Many caring and hardworking single parents have dreams and plans for their children but simply lack the resources to help them achieve their goals. The Great Kids of Dayton (GKD) scholarship provides scholarships of up to $500 for educational expenses, life enrichment activities, or service projects that benefit the Dayton community. 

Car for Work Program

Sometimes the most common but unexpected  challenges can deal a critical blow to a single family. Through the  Car for Work Program (CWP) we provide financial assistance for car repair.

Mentors & Friends

Mentors and Friends is a mentoring program that helps single parents build a support network, set and achieve goals, and qualify for financial grants while participating in one-on-one or group mentoring activities.

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"I can't begin to tell you how much I benefited from your support. Not just financially but personally and spiritually. I learned how to budget and how to help in the community. "

Kristie H.


About Us 

A letter from the Founders of Samaritan Outreach

"I am so glad God put this [mentoring] program in my life because not only did I benefit from it, but my children do also. They have a better mom because I have less worries and stress because I have someone I can talk to when needed..." 

Virginia M. 

" In 1998, we created Samaritan Outreach to encourage, empower and support single parent families in their quest to address and overcome some major challenges. We were inspired to form this ministry when we discovered how many single mothers we found struggling to make ends meet in our church and local community, and yet there were no local ministries to answer this call. Ultimately, our goal is to empower these parents by involving them in a supportive and loving community, while also providing emergency assistance."

Rev. Jeff and Pam Baugham 

Founders of Samaritan Outreach 


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